Man of Sorrows is a simple, beautiful, gospel-rich song that draws its content from Isaiah 53. Through the song, we are led to recall Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, and how that has brought about our salvation.

Verses one and two recount Jesus’ passion and crucifixion. Bowing to the Father’s will he subjected himself to the punishment and pain of his tormentors. How could the perfect God-man do this? The sin of man and wrath of God has been on Jesus laid. Willingly, Jesus offered up himself as the perfect substitute. He took all our sins. He gave us all His grace.

The chorus gives us pause to reflect on these truths from a different perspective. The emblem of suffering and shame, that rugged cross, is a sweet picture of our salvation, for it is there where Your love poured out over me. Changed now by the willing sacrifice of the Son of God, our soul cries out, hallelujah, praise and honor unto Thee.

Verses three continues to answer the “why” behind his actions. He was sent of heaven…to purchase and redeem and reconcile. We were sold to sin, made hopeless slaves to sin’s power, in the grips of Satan’s will, and at odds with God and each other by our all-consuming selfishness. And we liked it. But God’s own Son was sent to reconcile the very ones who nailed him to that tree. Halleluiah!

So far, we have been singing about Jesus has done. The bridge helps us to reflect on what the cross purchased for us. My debt is paid and the curse of sin has no hold on me. The bridge talks about the finality of these things – once done, they are forever done. Our debts are paid in full and whom the Son sets free oh is free indeed.

The final verse gives us cause for celebration and awe as we recount that while Jesus died, He is dead no more. Behold the empty tombHe’s risen from the grave. Through Christ alone, not our works, we have an eternal hope that can never be removed from us, because the grave is empty and Jesus is alive reigning forever. This is the joy we can receive, remember and celebrate this Easter season.



Words and music by Matt Crocker and Brooke Ligertwood © 2012 Hillsong Music Publishing (APRA).

Man of sorrows, Lamb of God
By His own betrayed
The sin of man and wrath of God
Has been on Jesus laid

Silent as He stood accused
Beaten, mocked, and scorned
Bowing to the Father’s will
He took a crown of thorns

Oh that rugged cross my salvation
Where Your love poured out over me
Now my soul cries out hallelujah
Praise and honor unto Thee

Sent of heaven, God’s own Son
To purchase and redeem
And reconcile the very ones
Who nailed Him to that tree

Now my debt is paid
It is paid in full
By the precious blood
That my Jesus spilled
Now the curse of sin
Has no hold on me
Whom the Son sets free
Oh is free indeed

See the stone is rolled away
Behold the empty tomb
Hallelujah, God be praised
He’s risen from the grave



Feel free to use the above video to learn the song and to use for times of worship in your home or small group!

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