Our Convictions


We believe that Christ is the fulfillment, focus, and future of the message of Scripture. As such, we are a gospel-centered church. Everything is about Jesus – God’s precious gift of redemption for all mankind. We believe we are a part of the one, holy, universal Church. As a part of Christ’s Church, we have responsibilities to see Christ formed in each other and to benefit from joint encouragement and ministry with other gospel-believing churches around us. We believe that Christ compels His Church to engage their community and bring about change through a gospel-centered lifestyle. Our official doctrinal statement is the 1963 Baptist Faith and Message. We also ascribe to the Gospel Coalition Confessional Statement shown below.

Statement of Faith
The Tri-une God
Creation of Humanity
The Fall
The Plan of God
The Gospel
The Redemption of Christ
The Justification of Sinners
The Power of the Holy Spirit
The Kingdom of God
God's New People
Baptism and the Lord's Supper
The Restoration of All Things