FEBRUARY’S NEW SONG – God, The Uncreated One


We are overdue for a new song that helps us savor some of the attributes of God. This one does a great job of both identifying and praising God for some of his attributes, as well as builds those attributes into the crescendo of God’s work in Christ. This helps us to see that God’s attributes ultimately form a symphony that swells in the incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, and reign of Jesus Christ.

Verse one situates us in the incommunicable (unable to be shared with mankind) attributes of God. He alone is sovereign over all His created work as well as all the hearts of mankind. He alone is worthy of the title of King.

Verse two builds on this by developing the theme of King over all things. As King, he is a strong fortress, never failing, never disappointing, never abandoning. He is not affected by the schemes of man, nor by the rising and falling of great kingdoms and nations. Ultimately, all this is in his hands. Because of His unmatched power, he alone deserves the King’s crown.

Verse three begins to culminate the prior verses in the incarnation and humiliation of the Son of God. The writers (Pete James and Aaron Keyes) use vivid language to depict this humiliated God-man as bearing the weight of not only our own sin, but the sin of men and women through centuries. Yet using a very poignant turn of phrase, the humiliated Jesus – broken by the hands of men – is rescued by the Father’s powerful and righteous hand. As such, the Father took Him from the grave to the throne where Jesus Christ reigns as King.

Verse four, then, details a right response to these truths we just sung about. Because of this powerful, creator, savior God, He alone deserves every last ounce of praise we could offer. He alone is worthy of honor, glory, power, majesty, and our utmost joy. What God did in Jesus guarantees the endless rolling of justice like the tide of a mighty river and the endless ascent of praise to Christ alone. He truly is the King of Kings. Forever. Amen.

This song is another memorable sermon that holds out God’s attributes as they culminate in Christ. Use this throughout your week to combat your times of turbulence, trial, pain, or fear with the truths of the kingship and authority of Christ.



Written by Aaron Keyes (ASCAP), Pete James (PRS)
© 2016 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), 10000 Fathers (ASCAP), Thankyou Music (PRS) (admin by CapitolCMGPublishing.com), Getty Music Songs, LLC ASCAP Publishing Designee (ASCAP) (admin by Music Services). CCLI 7057478.

God, the uncreated one
The author of salvation
Wrote the laws of space and time
And fashioned worlds to his design
The one whom angel hosts revere
Hung the stars like chandeliers
Numbered every grain of sand
Knows the heart of every man
He is king forever
He is king forever
He is king forevermore

God, our fortress and our strength
The rock on which we can depend
Matchless in his majesty
His power and authority
Unshaken by the schemes of man
Never-changing, Great I Am
Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall
He is faithful through it all
Crown him king forever
Crown him king forever
Crown him king forevermore

Mighty God in mortal flesh
Forsaken by a traitor’s kiss
The curse of sin and centuries
Did pierce the lowly prince of peace
Lifted high, the sinless man
Crucified, the spotless lamb
Buried by the sons of man
Rescued by the father’s hand
To reign as king forever
Reign as king forever
Reign as king forevermore

King eternal, God of grace
We crown you with the highest praise
Heaven shouts and saints adore
You’re holy, holy, holy, Lord
What joy in everlasting life
All is love and faith is sight
Justice rolls and praises rise
At the name of Jesus Christ
King of kings forever
King of kings forever
King of kings forevermore


If you would like to sing this with your family or in your small group, feel free to use the video above, or use the sheet music below.

Chord Chart (G)

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