Our Leadership



When Paul instructed Timothy on setting up healthy churches, he told him to appoint elders in each town. Elders - plural. We understand the biblical ideal to be that the pastoral responsibility rests not on one man, but on a team of men that God has called and equipped as exemplary leaders and competent teachers of truth. We are grateful for the godly elders God has given our church.


Joe Braden

Lead Pastor / Elder

Pastor Joe is the lead pastor at FBC Saint Peters, where he has been shepherding God's people for over 20 years. In the midst of ministry, he and his high-school-sweetheart-turned-wife, Diane, have had the joy of raising three sons (Andrew, Thomas, and Grant), seeing them married to godly women (Casey, Katy, and McKenzie), and welcoming a gaggle of grandchildren. When not in the pulpit, study, or visitation, Joe enjoys reading, bicycling, racquetball, and roasting coffee.


Carl Schaeffer

Pastor / Elder

In the Spring of 2017, Pastor Carl joined Joe as one of the elders at FBC Saint Peters. Though his bread and butter is with an architecture firm, Carl brings years of pastoral ministry, theological education, and exemplary faithfulness to this role. He and his wife, Dona, have two daughters (Christine and Katy), two sons-in-law (Craig and Thomas), and one recently added granddaughter.


Pastoral Staff

In addition to our elders, we are grateful to have the ministry of other pastoral staff who faithfully use God's giftings to build of the body of Christ.


Tim Harrelson

Associate Pastor

Pastor Tim has served on staff at FBC Saint Peters for four years and has provided leadership in a number of key areas including youth and discipleship. In addition to assisting with pastoral needs, Tim has served for several years as our worship leader and has excelled in leading us each week to celebrate the glories of the gospel and worship in spirit and in truth. Tim and his wife, Stephanie, have two boys (Zeke and Matthias) and are expecting a third little guy in the fall.